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    $39.95 Purity CBD Oil For Dogs - Level 1 - for dogs up to 25 lbs
    $39.95 Calming Aid CBD Soft Chews For Dogs
    $24.95 Pain Relief Tasty-Turmeric Flavored CBD Treats For Dogs


    $39.95 Purity CBD Oil For Cats
    $ KONG Crackles Tweetz Bird cat toy
    $3.49 KONG Crackles Tweetz


    $2.95 Prevue Seed Cup
    From $9.99 Zupreem Bird Food
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    $62.95 Mandarin Sky Cafe Bird Feeder

Small Animals

    $49.95 ZuPreem® Primate Diet Dry Biscuits 20lb
    $9.95 Giant Igloo 15.75"x 13"x 8.5"
    $22.50 Slient Spinner Wheel Large - 12"Dia.


    $5.25 ZooMed FOREST FLOOR - 4 Quart
    $2.45 ZooMed Hatchling Aquatic Turtle Food - 1.9 oz.
    $14.50 ZooMed REPTI SAND - 10 Lbs Red


    $19.50 Terramycin Eye Ointment - 1/8 ounce, 3.5 g.
    $2.60 CO-FLEX Bandage - 4"W x 5 yds. Camo - Assorted Colors
    $15.95 Zonkit 35® Flea Spray - 32 oz. (CANNOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA)


    $135.00 Fawn-Lac® Milk Replacer 25lb **THIS ITEM HAS AN ADDITIONAL FREIGHT COST**
    $7.95 X-Large Brass Snap
    $249.23 VetGun® Kit


    $19.95 Banamine Injectable - 100 ml (Flunix / Prevail)
    $6.50 Dexamethasone Injectable - 100 ml
    $9.95 Oxytocin Injectable - 100 ml

New Puppy

    $3.95 Rogz Pups Grinz Dog toy
    $5.25 Rogz Pups Cowboyz dog toy medium
    $3.95 Rogz Pups Cowboyz dog toy small

New Kitten

    From $2.29 Feline Greenies Dental Treats
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    $21.95 Litter Genie Plus
    $8.45 Cosmic Catnip Leaves - 4 oz. Jar

Professional Supplies

    $39.95 Zoologic - Milk Matrix 23/30 (5 lbs.)
    $135.00 Fawn-Lac® Milk Replacer 25lb **THIS ITEM HAS AN ADDITIONAL FREIGHT COST**
    $59.95 Zoologic - MILK MATRIX 30/52 (New Size 4lb.)

Wildlife Rehab

    $39.95 Zoologic - Milk Matrix 23/30 (5 lbs.)
    $59.95 Zoologic - MILK MATRIX 30/52 (New Size 4lb.)
    $86.50 Zoologic - MILK MATRIX 33/40 5lb.


    From $19.95 Firstect Plus is the generic equivalent to Frontline Plus®
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    From $5.00 UPCO Gift Certificate
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    From $34.50 Avantect - 4 Pack for dogs. Compare to Advantix II and Save!
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    $6.89 Loofa Reindeer - Dog Toy 19"Tall
    $5.99 KONG® Holiday Cozie Reindeer
    $6.95 KONG® Holiday Weave Knots Bear

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