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You’ll find everything you need to treat pets like family.


UPCO… Taking care of people who take care of pets. More than half a century ago, farmers knew almost as much about their livestock as their veterinarians did. They had to in rural Missouri, waiting for a visit from the vet could mean losing an animal. But they needed somewhere reliable to get supplies and equipment. So in 1952, Charles Evans, with the help of two veterinarians, launched United Pharmacal Company, Inc., to serve the needs of people who care for animals.

Over the years, veterinarians, breeders, groomers and pet owners have come to trust the UPCO staff’s extensive experience in the pet products field. And today, a third generation of the Evans family upholds UPCO’s commitment to providing a wide selection, friendly and knowledgeable service, and the best overall prices in the industry. With this new, online catalog, UPCO now offers easy access to supplies and equipment to pamper, play with, care for, train, and groom your dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, and other small animals. You’ll find everything you need to treat pets like family.

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