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Kennels & Crates

$65.95 Intervention Concentrate Gallon
$12.95 Tek-Trol Disinfectant Aerosol and Deodorizer 17oz
$27.95 Intervention Farm Animal Care Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer RTU Wipes - 160 count
$39.50 Bergan Auto Bucket Seat Protector
From $54.50 Midwest Life Stage™ Homes
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$46.50 Wire Mesh Top for use with Exercise Pens. - 4ft. x 4 ft. Black Only
$32.95 Front Carrier - Medium 10"W x 15"H x 10"D
$26.95 Front Carrier - Small 8"W x 12"H x 8"D
$33.95 Vet & Kennel Disinfectant Gallon
$72.50 Vari Kennel II 28" L x 21.5" H
$24.95 Vari Kennel 19" L x 10.8" H
$37.50 Vari Kennel 24" L x 14.5" H
$46.95 Vari Kennel 21" L x 15" H
$0.50 LIVE ANIMAL"Decal sticker for use on travel kennels"
$7.95 Universal Crate Casters - 2 pack
$31.50 Kennel Cab Soft Carrier - Black only - For pets up to 15 lbs.
$55.00 Kennel Shade Sun Screen 4 x 10
$69.95 Kennel Shade Sun Screen 6 x 10
$77.50 Kennel Shade Sun Screen 6 x 12
$34.50 Super Yard XT Extension Kit
$99.50 Superyard XT Ex-pen (22 lbs.) Enclosed up to 18.5 sq. ft.
From $47.95 Fashion I Crate for that new puppy
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$34.00 Sunscreen Top for use with Gold Zinc Exercise Pens. - 4ft. x 4 ft.
$103.50 Half-Step Ramp - 39"L x 17"W x 3.5"H
$7.95 Front Seat Safety Barrier® - 16"W x 18"H
$34.50 Fireman's Alert Rescue Door Mat - 20"x 30"With Free (2 pack) window decal to mark # of pets
$42.95 Doskocil 2-Door Top Load Kennel - Large 24.05"L x 16.76"W x 14.5"H
$31.50 Doskocil 2-Door Top Load Kennels - Medium 19.4"L x 12.8"W x 10"H
$1.75 Doskocil Scoop
$1.99 Doskocil Water Cup - Double
$74.50 Portable Pet Home Soft Crate - 32"L x 22"W x 25"H Taupe/Brown
$105.00 Portable Pet Home Soft Crate - 36"L x 26"W x 28"H Taupe/Brown
$119.00 Portable Pet Home Soft Crate - 41"L x 29"W x 32."H Taupe/Brown
$46.00 Portable Pet Home Soft Crate- 18"L x 14"W x 16"H Taupe/Brown
$56.95 Portable Pet Home Soft Crate- 26"L x 18"W x 21"H Taupe/Brown
$14.50 Cover for Igloo Style Lectro Kennel - Large
$11.50 Cover for Igloo Style Lectro Kennel - Medium
$9.95 Cover for Igloo Style Lectro Kennel - Small
$104.95 Crate Dolly - 42"L x 24"W
$44.95 Plastic Steps by Petmate - 23.2"L x 16.1"W x 20"H
From $49.95 Contour® Double Door Folding Crate
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$39.95 Coolaroo Shade Cloth 6'x 15'Blocks up to 70% light.
From $63.50 Compass Kennels
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$11.95 Complete Airline Travel Kit
$149.95 Petstep Ramp (Comes Direct From Manufacturer takes 2 To 4 Weeks)
From $49.95 Exercise Pen
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$12.95 Come Along Carrier - Medium 13"L x 9"W x 8 1/2"H
$11.95 Cage Clip Pliers for crimping J Clips
$3.59 Bull Snaps - No 4
From $27.95 Replacement Pan for Midwest Cages
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$4.95 Brass Snaps - No 2
$24.95 Outward Hound Booster Seat® Small - for pets under 10 lbs.
$25.95 Outward Hound Automobile Back Seat Hammock Protector®
$32.50 Outward Hound Car Booster Seat® Medium - for pets up to 20 lbs.
$9.95 Outward Hound PFAT Bag® - Holds up to 8 Lbs. of Dry Food
From $45.95 Ovation Crate
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$269.95 Midwest Cage 54"L x 35"w x 45"h
$64.95 Midwest Pet Barrier

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