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PetSkope Ear Scope Magnifier


SKU: 10011

Aids in the early detection of disease and infection spreading ear mites, ticks, and fleas on your pet. Early detection will help you determine if a trip to the vet is needed.

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with alternate viewing cones
  • 8X magnification
  • Battery included

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Total Price: $67.40


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How to Use

It is recommended to consult your veterinarian prior to the initial use of the PetSkope. They will demonstrate the proper use procedures, as well as explain what to look for.

  1. Select the desired viewing cone and attach to the PetSkope.
  2. Stabilize the pet’s head (may need another person to assist you)
  3. Pull the ear gently but firmly upward and outward to straighten the ear canal.
  4. Slide the plastic sleeve toward the head of the PetSkope and depress the pen clip.
  5. With the pen clip depressed, slowly start the PetSkope toward the ear canal entrance while looking for parasites and irritations.
  6. Continue examination of the ear canal, stop at any sign of pain. Use Great care not to insert the cone too deep. Never force the cone into the ear canal.
  7. After examination, wipe viewing cones with alcohol and slide the plastic sleeve back underneath pen clip to prevent excess drain on the batteries during storage.

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