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HARI Oyster Shells Digestible Grit for Birds 15.5 oz


SKU: 82460 Manufacturer: Hagen

Birds have behavioral and/or nutritional needs for ingestion of soluble grit.  Specially ground for all cage and aviary birds, HARI Oyster Shells soluble grit is completely digestible and provides a natural source of calcium which is required by all caged birds year-round.

Did you know that finely crushed Oyster Shells…

  • Are a rich source of calcium required by all caged birds for stronger bones and health.
  • Help to maintain normal cell function, which is essential when breeding for stronger egg shell formation
  • Are soluble, and therefore digested by acids in the intestinal tract and will not remain in the gizzard or cause impaction
  • May benefit birds with digestive problems when including of small amounts of soluble grit to their diet


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Ingredients / Material Feeding Instructions
  • Crushed Oyster Shells

For all pet birds. Birds should have access to HARI Crushed Oyster Shells as needed. Offer in a separate treat cup. Replace every few days with a clean fresh amount of product. Discard unused portion if soiled. This product may also be sprinkled over seed in salt & pepper amounts. Be sure an ample supply of clean fresh water and food are always available.

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