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Orvus W A Paste Show Wash for Livestock & Horses 7.5 lb


SKU: SWP Manufacturer: Orvus

Orvus Paste Soap is an extremely gentle detergent with many uses. This cleansing paste can not only be used to clean your horse but can also be used on delicate textiles and is great for cleaning saddle pads.

  • Not just for horses: Cleansing paste can also be used to clean livestock and pets such as dogs, cats, and puppies.
  • Use for Finished Articles: Paste can be used as a gentle detergent for fine linens, lace, silk, wool, cotton, nylon, polyester, and fleece.
  • Sudsy formula: Biodegradable detergent contains no phosphates and deep-cleans through a highly emollient and “sudsy” consistency.

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How to Use

Orvus is a soft solid when cool. When Orvus becomes warm, it melts into an amber liquid. Orvus gives equally satisfactory results in either condition.

For Cleaning Animals: Put 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of Orvus into a bucket of warm water. Mix as needed. Prepare hair, mane, and tail with water. Massage water and Orvus into the hair. For mane and tail, apply Orvus directly by hand, massaging into hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed. Avoid face and eyes.

For Finished Articles and Fabrics: Always follow garment care label instructions. For Standard, Front Load, and HE Washing Machines: For best results, run on empty load to remove any leftover residue from previous detergents. Add 1-ounce Orvus for each wash. Place delicates in the machine. Run on gentle cycle. Repeat as needed. For

Bathtub / Hand Wash: Fill the tub with lukewarm water, add 1-ounce Orvus into the tub, and stir the water to dissolve. Place delicates in the tub. Gently press up and down. Then, allow to soak for 30 minutes in the tub. Gently hand press up and down. Then, allow to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse several times with water. Do not scrub. Repeat as needed.

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