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Hoof-Alive All Purpose Dressing 4 oz


SKU: 1391 Manufacturer: Don Gregory Sales

Hoof Alive is a non-irritating, all purpose salve that’s versatile and effective. Astounding results can be achieved with just one application per week. With proper hoof care, most major and all minor cracks should swell shut within one week. Developed by a professional farrier from the concept that the hoof is alive, Hoof Alive penetrates and becomes part of the hoof wall, making them virtually “weather proof” and impervious to new cracks and stress. Made with all-natural ingredients including lanolin, glycerin, coconut oil, aloe, and vitamin E. Hoof Alive can also be used to soothe and speed healing of saddle sores, rope burns, and cuts.


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How to Use

Hooves: use to treat dry, cracked, brittle, contracted and sore feet. Hoof-Alive is compatible with the interior of the hoof and will permeate the hoof wall in about 7 days. It will not wash off in excessive wet conditions, not evaporate in hot, dry conditions. Hoof-Alive establishes and stabilizes moisture balance, more expansion, better circulation and hoof growth. (1) Apply every other day the first week. (2) Apply once a week thereafter.

Cracks: Daily pack Hoof-Alive into cracks and apply. Hoof-Alive to coronet (on hairline) until Hoof-Alive penetrates the hoof wall and displaces the cracks, swelling the cracks shut. Apply twice per week until cracks grow out.

Coronet Soaking Severe Cracks: Following proper shoeing (1) Apply Hoof-Alive generously to the Hoof-Alive coronet soaker (available from any Hoof-Alive Dealer) BE SURE TO KEEP SOAKERS AWAY FROM SHAVINGS: (2) Adjust soaker to fit the coronet and strap into place: (3) Soak coronet around the clock for 2 weeks, reapplying approx. ½ oz. Of Hoof-Alive to the fleece every 48 hours. Hoof-Alive should completely saturate the growth tissues and also swell the crack closed from the inside-out in approx. 7 days; (4) Continue to apply Hoof-Alive without soaker onto crack and cornet area twice per week until crack is grown out.

Contracted Heels: Following proper shoeing or trimming; (1) Soak hoof once, overnight in warmed-up Hoof-Alive using a soaking boot, (2) After removing the boot, follow with 15 min. of daily exercises on SOFT GROUND, (3) Repeat the Hot Soak every 3 weeks while continuing to exercise, until frog begins to develop and hooves expand. Do not use Coronet Soakers with anything but Hoof-Alive. Do not leave soaking boots on more than 12 hours.

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