New Puppy Checklist for a Perfect Pet Welcoming

October 10, 2022 | Pet Guides | Cari Evans
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New Puppy Checklist for a Perfect Pet Welcoming

A new puppy checklist offers an easy way to feel organized and prepare for your new nugget of fluff. Not much compares to the joy of bringing home a new furry member of the family. A new soul to love and care for can be very fulfilling. To keep the experience as positive as possible, we suggest to be fully prepared with all of the supplies you’ll need. Most dogs all need the same primary items for proper care and comfort. Depending on the breed, there might be some additional items to consider but for this post, we will focus on the general items needed to provide your new pet with a warm welcome. Here are a few of our essential must haves for bringing home your new puppy. Find our complete new puppy checklist HERE.

Pet Collar & I.D. Tag

An adjustable collar is useful to last through your dogs stages of growth. Get your pet an ID tag that includes your phone number. This is crucial to make sure if your puppy gets lose or escapes your backyard, he will be easy to return to you. We hope that doesn’t happen, but dogs will be dogs.


If your new puppy still needs vaccinations to complete their initial protection, get those lined up. It’s very important to keep them safe from possible deadly diseases. Depending on the age of your pet at the time of your adoption, they might not have been old enough to have all of their vaccinations to be fully protected prior to you bringing them home. Ask the breeder, rescue or adoption organization for a record of what vaccines and the dates they had previously been given to your new puppy. For more information on a puppy vaccination schedule, read our blog post here.

Food & Water Bowls

Providing your new pet with their own food and water dish helps teach them routine and helps them get comforter able with eating their own food at the scheduled time of your choosing. Feed your new puppy in the same area each time. There are a number of food bowl options available. We recommend stainless steel as our number one material choice as it’s the most durable and easy to clean.

Training Treats

New puppies need to be taught basic commands. The earlier you start working with your puppy on behavior and commands the better. The most common first command taught by dog owners everywhere is “sit”. If your puppy is food or treat driven, training treats are helpful to keep on hand. You can give several bite sized treats to motivate good behavior without worrying about over feeding.

Chew Toys

All puppies need to chew. They have teething discomfort just like human babies. If your new puppy doesn’t have good dog toy options for chewing, they will likely resort to chewing up undesirable items in your home. Promote happy chewing everyone in your home can support with quality chew toys fit for the size of your pup.

To view or download our complete New Puppy Checklist, click here.

New Puppy Checklist

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