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August 26, 2022 | General | Cari Evans
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UPCO Coupon Codes

Here at UPCO, we’ve noticed several fraud websites listing our business with fake coupon codes. UPCO coupon codes are offered occasionally but they are always product specific discounts with a short offer window. Sign up for the UPCO email list to catch our latest promotions and deals that will be sent right to your inbox.

It’s unfortunate some of our customers may have fallen for the bait and become frustrated by attempting to apply the fake coupons on our site. We hope fake coupon codes won’t deter your business with us as we don’t have a way to control what fake information fraudsters post about our business on their sites. However, we are constantly trying to improve our customer experience.

A good rule of thumb is if you find a Coupon Code for UPCO Pet Supplies on a site other than ours, it’s fake! We take pride in offering everyday low prices on the quality products we offer.

If you are a fellow business owner struggling with this issue, check out this post on steps you can take to minimize the impact of fake coupon codes within your business. It has great advice and tips to help your site outperform the fake coupon sites.

Below is a screenshot of a scam coupon code site: