May 7, 2021 | Pet Guides | Cari Evans
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All dogs love SNACKS! There are hundreds of dog treat products available, so it can be overwhelming to decide which brand or product to try for your pooch. You will want to consider several factors including ingredients, calorie count, palatability, safety and digestibility. Here at UPCO Pet Supplies, we have compiled a list of our favorite dog treats, with our “whys”.

1 – Pupcorn Plus

Delicious and deLIGHTful snacks. These light and crunchy treats make the perfect worry-free munch for your pup. Low in Fat, less than 4 Calories per treat, and made with healthy pre & probiotics.

Available in four flavors; Chicken & Cheddar, Bacon & Peanut Butter, Salmon & Sweet Potato. A bonus, seasonal flavor is regularly available around Christmas.


Low calorie (only 4 calories per bite)

Real meat ingredients

Prebiotics & probiotics promotes digestion

Made & sourced in the USA

2 – Pet’n Shape

Pet’n Shape treats and chews are made with only all-natural ingredients, no artificial additives, or preservatives. Since no two pups are the same, these snacks offer a wide variety of shapes and textures. This makes it easy for pet parents to decide which treat is right for your dog based on age, size, breed, feeding habits and activity type.


Grain free – Our treats contain no wheat, no soy, and no corn

100% Natural – Our treats contain no artificial additives, preservatives, colors, or flavors

Variety of Shapes

Resealable bags to preserve freshness

3 – GivePet

GivePet biscuits and soft chews are grain-free and made with only USA sourced, all-natural ingredients. Premium flavor combinations like; applesauce, bacon, and cinnamon are just one unique and tasty spin on the same old/same old. GivePet, just as their name implies, gives back to local animal shelters in helping them feed homeless dogs. Now that’s a snack we can all stand behind!


Unique Flavor Combinations

Made & sourced in the USA

100% all-natural ingredients

Every bag sold, gives back

4 – Greenies

One Greenies treat a day is all it takes to promote good oral health. Clean teeth can add years to your pet’s life. Greenies are solid but crumble softly as your pet chews, allowing the pieces to scrub their teeth and gums. Reward your dog with a tasty treat and help keep their breath fresh.


Cleans teeth and gums

Freshens breath

All-natural ingredients

Highly digestible

5 – KONG

With KONG toys and treats, a savory snack becomes more than just a healthy digestible treat, but also provides mental stimulation to keep your pets mind busy. KONG’s are a great choice for puppies or young dogs that seem to have a lot of pent-up energy. A tricky toys allows them to burn energy, stay stimulated while keeping their behavior in check.


Irresistible and delicious flavors

Great for stuffing into KONG Classic and rubber toys for extended play

Made in the USA

For some great ideas on the many types of treats and food you can stuff inside a KONG, see HERE.