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Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes


SKU: 008127 Manufacturer: Kaytee Products

Feed your rabbit a natural, hay-based treat that supports healthy digestion with Kaytee Natural Timothy Blend Cubes Small Animal Treats. Rabbits need hay to aid in the digestion process, keep their teeth trim and satisfy their need to chew. In fact, hay should make up 75 percent of their daily diet. These rewards are compressed blocks of nutritious, sun-cured timothy hay that contain no artificial color or preservatives. They provide a more challenging chew than regular bale hay and make a great supplement to your rabbit’s regular hay supply. Your rabbit may even use them to build nests or as bedding. Offer one Timothy Blend Cube Small Animal Treat a few times a day.

Ingredients / Material Feeding Instructions
  • Sun-Cured Timothy Hay Sun-Cured Alfalfa Hay (Sufficient for Processing) Contains No Artificial Color or Preservatives

Provide Kaytee Timothy Cubes freely, keeping in mind that treats should make up less than 20% of your small animals diet. To complete the diet, feed Kaytee exact, Forti – Diet Pro Health or Fiesta Max daily in a separate container. Change food and add fresh water daily. Store in a cool, dry location.

  • Blend of sun-cured Timothy Hay and sun-cured alfalfa hay
  • Lower protein and calcium supports urinary health
  • High fiber hay aids in digestive health
  • Provides added nutritional variety
  • Complements any Kaytee fortified food
  • Grown in the USA

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