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Lactated Ringers Injection USP 1000cc


SKU: 1090

Prescription Required

Lactated Ringer’s IV Bag 1000mL is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution containing isotonic concentrations of electrolytes in water for injection.

Each 100 mL of Lacated Ringer’s injection USP contains sodium chloride 600 mg, sodium lactate, anhydrous 310 mg, potassium chloride 30 g and calcium chloride, dihydrate 20 mg.

Size: 1000 mL

Available only if a licensed veterinarian mails us a prescription. Not able to ship prescription items to Virginia.

Mailing address: UPCO, P.O. BOX 969, ST. JOSEPH, MO 64502

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Ingredients / Material
  • Each 100 mL Contains Sodium Chloride  600 mg;  Sodium Lactate, Anhyd  310 mg;  Potassium Chloride  30 mg;  Calcium Chloride, Dihydrate  20 mg In Water For Injection.  May Contain HCI or NaOH For pH Adjustment.

    Electrolytes Per 1000 mL (Not Including pH Adjustment): Sodium  130 mEq;  Potassium  4 mEq;  Calcium  3 mEq;  Chloride  109 mEq;  Lactate  28 mEq

    273 m0smol/liter (calc) pH 6.6 (6.0 to 7.5)

    Caution: Do not administer calcium containing solutions concurrently with stored blood.

    Not for use in the treatment of lactic acidosis. Additives may be incompatible. Consult with pharmacist, if available. When introducing additives, use aseptic technique, mix thoroughly and do not store.

    Single-dose container.  For I.V. or subcutaneous use.

    Usual Dosage. See insert.

    Sterile, nonpyrogenic.  Use only if solution is clear and container is undamaged. Must not be used in series connections.

    Rx Only.
    Contains DEHP
    No Latex

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