How to Keep Dog Smell Out of Your Home

January 23, 2023 | Pet Guides | Cari Evans
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How to Keep Dog Smell Out of Your Home

Are you looking for tips to keep dog smell out of your house? If that answer is yes, you’ve landed in the right place. If you have pets, part of that responsibility is keeping up with pet hygiene to ensure your pet stays smelling fresh and clean. Pet dander and fur can take over your home if you don’t stay on top of it. Here we cover our best recommendations on how to keep dog smell out of your home for good.

Hit The Floor

Most of it lands here… the floor! Whether you have carpet, hard floors or a mixture of both, proper maintenance of the area down under is critical for keeping your home smelling fresh and keeping the dog smell out.

Carpet Care

Vacuum at a minimum of once a week to keep pet hair, debris and dander under control. There are great carpet powders you can sprinkle on your carpets prior to vacuuming to help absorb any stubborn odors. If you don’t have a pet formula powder handy, good ol’ baking soda also does the trick. While vacuuming, keep your eyes peeled for any discolorations in your carpet and make a mental note to come back afterwards with spot cleaner. If you can’t visibly see any staining, sometimes they are tricky to spot. Try using a UV blacklight flashlight to spot anything you may have missed with the naked eye. Having a hand held or portable steam cleaner is more than handy to have around for cleaning up all kinds of messes. Makes getting rid of those urine stains or puke spots a breeze.

It is also highly recommended is to fully steam clean all of the carpets in your home, that your pets have access to at least once a year. You can hire a local service or many grocery stores usually offer rentals where you can do it yourself.

Hard Floor Care

Sweep your hard surface floor areas weekly to pick up loose hair and dander. After sweeping, mop or Swiffer the area to pick up any debris left behind or any stuck to the floor. Try the Simple Solution Hard Floor Stain & Odor Remover to clean away unwanted marks or stains. If your pet food bowl are on this surface, we also recommend washing the bowls and the surrounding area monthly.

Baseboards & Lower Wall Care

One place commonly missed by pet owners is baseboards and walls. Sprays can be used on most types of surfaces from hardwood to painted drywall. You might be thinking… “But why?” Here are some reasons: marking, drool, ear goop, or mud just to name a few. A simple head shake from your dog could leave all sorts of smelly stuff flying from their face or ears. If they are near a wall, it’s sure to take a splash. Gross, but true.

Furniture Care

Regardless if your pets are allowed on your furniture, it can hold a host of pet odors if not cleaned regularly. Pet dander and pet hair does not discriminate based on location. In fact, since some of it is microscopic, it flies around in the air and can land anywhere in your home just with natural air flow. Lent rollers are a simple way to pick up unwanted hair and a simple fabric safe freshener spray can do wonders. PRO TIP: Leather or hard surface furniture are the easiest to clean and don’t absorb pet smells as easily as a porous fabric based piece of furniture.

Bathe Pets Regularly

Of course, in order to keep odors at bay it’s important to eliminate the odor at it’s source as much as possible. That means bath time, doggo! A good frequency for giving your dog really depends on the breed but standard rule of thumb is every 6-8 weeks. Keeping their fur coat fresh is a great way to keep dog smell from overpowering your home. Use Groomers Edge Shampoo to get that spa fresh smell just like the groomers use!

Wash Pet Bedding

It’s a good guess that your dogs pet bed is the smelliest of areas in your home. If your dog bed is washable (check the tag), or has a removeable cover that is washable put that through a deep clean cycle wash every few months or more. If your pet bed isn’t washable, consider replacing it once you notice a stench. You can also spray odor removers and stain repellants on it monthly to help extend it’s life.

Get Some Fresh Air Flow

Airing out your home with fresh outdoor air can do wonders for kicking any airborne smells to the curb. This won’t magically remove odors all together but can help freshen and improve your homes air quality. A simple task that can reap a big benefit. Turn on any fans and your attic fan if you have one while windows and doors are open to help push old air out and fresh air in. Be sure no pets are able to escape during this process and try to schedule during mild weather when it won’t hurt your cooling and heat bill.


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