Get a Rental with Your Dog

May 4, 2022 | General | Cari Evans
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Get a Rental with Your Dog

Dog Owners Find a Way

Renting a nice home or an apartment with your dog may seem like a fairy tale but we can help! Get a Rental with Your Dog by using our top tips to help you sell yourself as a responsible pet owner and show a potential landlord your dog can follow the rules and behave.

These simple steps to re-assure an property owner could be all that stands in the way for getting into your desired place WITH your best friend.

First, it’s good to try and understand the many possible reasons a rental property owner would have rules regarding no pets allowed. Bad experiences can include extensive damage, noise complaints, and bad manners with the neighbors. Of course, from their POV it sounds like a no brainer to just not allow dogs all together to avoid the potential headaches and incurred costs to replace carpets, screens, and barking. So lets start checking the boxes!

Your Dog is a Rockstar

Having a well-mannered pet is key… literally the key to your new place. If your dog isn’t command trained and well mannered now don’t count them out, just take the steps needed to get them trained. If you’re not confident to accomplish this task yourself there are numerous trainers and businesses that offer basic training.

Next, make a customized pet resume! We are not kidding. What easier way to show off the references and great attributes of your dog than to type it out and let them review it at their own pace. Below is a quick example of a great pet resume for inspiration. With great applications like Canva, you don’t even need to be a designer to create a great pet resume. Templates are already there; you just need to fill in the text. You can also download the free template below for personal use. 

Things you should include in your pet resume are:

  • Nice photos of you and your dog together.
  • Letters or statements of recommendation from your current landlord, vet, neighbors, and trainer to show how well liked your dog is and responsible you are.
  • Dog’s health status: Spay/Neutered? Vaccinated? Name of your veterinarian.
  • Describe arrangements you make for your dog while you’re at work (crate trained? doggy daycare?) or away on vacation.
  • Describe how and where you exercise your dog.
  • Describe how you plan to take care of the property.

Go the Extra Mile

You might be surprised to find out how reasonable a simple pet insurance policy can be. Securing an insurance policy that will cover your dog and any potential damages lets prospective landlords know you have thought ahead to ensure proper safeguard for their property and their peace of mind.

Will it break the bank? Nope! As an example, you can get a $300,000 liability policy for roughly $300 a year. This is a small price to pay to help your landlord feel good about renting to you and allowing you to rent with your dog in tow.

Keep it Real

Consider offering an additional pet deposit to cover any damages or offer to pay any extra costs to help a landlord buy a new insurance policy from a non-discriminatory company.

Never try to hide your dog or sign a lease that doesn’t allow dogs. Honesty is the best policy. You’re much safer if you stay honest and if you have the landlord add your dog’s name and breed to the lease. If you decide to hide your dog, you’re at the mercy of ill-informed neighbors who might turn you in and could leave you stranded which isn’t good for you or your dog.  Landlords are more likely to evict dogs when they’re pressured by neighbors or if they’re caught off guard.

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