Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Fall

October 8, 2021 | General | Cari Evans
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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Fall

  1. Visit a Dog Friendly Pumpkin Patch

Nothing welcomes the fall season quite like taking a casual trip to the pumpkin patch. Make your trip extra special by including your four-legged fur-ball. They can even sniff out their favorite pumpkin to place on the porch with the rest of the family. They will appreciate the array of scents and friendly pets. Most pumpkin patches allow visitors to bring their dogs if they are well behaved and on a leash. We suggest to call the facility ahead of time to be clear of their guidelines and rules before you make the trip.

  1. Play Football Fetch

Fall is the perfect time to play fetch outdoors. The mild temperatures and breezy season will allow for a longer stretch of play time without overheating. Make sure your dog is fully hydrated and offered plenty of water after outdoor playtime, even in cooler temperatures.

  1. Take a Hike

Here in the mid-west we often tend to overlook utilizing our outdoor trails. We are lucky to have an abundance of trail systems and hiking trails. No matter where you live, there is likely a trail or two not too far from the city. Spending time away from the screens, devices and WIFI is not only good for you, but also your pup. Nature brings out a dog’s natural instincts to explore new surroundings and lets their curiosity run wild. Literally and figuratively!

  1. Paws Only Photoshoot

It’s standard to see social media full of family photo sessions this time of year, but why not include your furry family members? Consider a pet only photo session if the thought of a full-on family photo session sends you into a panic. Hiring a professional photographer is great if your budget allows, but with modern phone technology you can get super great quality photos with just your personal phone. Take your dog out to a scenic area, take a bunch of shots (like a bunch!), and you’re sure to come up with some keeper photos you’ll treasure forever. PRO TIP: Choose a shaded area where it’s not too bright, preferably in the afternoon for great lighting and less chance for harsh shadows. 

  1. Sniff Adventure

What’s a Sniff Adventure? Just what it sounds like… take your pooch for a stroll to a safe place to meander and let their nose lead the way. When humans go for a walk they follow the straight and narrow path, tugging at the leash if their dog wanders their sniffer too far off the path. The sniff adventure lets your dog relish all the scents at their own pace and see where it leads them. Wear durable shoes for this one!

  1. Doggy Playdate

Plan a date with your family and friends and mark your calendar to meet at your local park or dog park for a tail-wagging great time with dog friends. Not only will your dog exhaust a bunch of playful energy but they will get in some great socializing time. Keeping your dog socialized prevents and helps combat anxiety in new situations and around new people and animals, so it’s a win-win!

  1. Windows Down Car Ride

The iconic “I see a doggy in the window” saying works perfect here. Most dogs LOVE hanging their heads out of the window of a moving car. The blasting fresh air paired with going somewhere new in a flash, dogs just enjoy it. Of course, make sure your dog is secure inside the vehicle with a harness or human holder.

  1. Pet Store Shopping

Our favorite activity suggestion is to bring your doggo to UPCO, or any local pet store to socialize and see the new seasonal toys and treats offered. In case you didn’t know, we kind of have a special thing for dogs over here at UPCO. Ask for a free treat at the counter and enjoy browsing the store spoiling your fur-friend with your favorite finds. Your pup could end up famous with an in-store photo posted to our Instagram page. We have the best and cutest customers ever!

UPCO has a knowledgeable staff with years of experience. They are available to help you find a solution that works best for your furry friend. Do you have a blog idea or story to share you think would be helpful to our pet owner readers? Send it to us at [email protected]

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