Dogs In Deep Water

May 24, 2021 | Pet Guides | Cari Evans
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Dogs In Deep Water

Keep your dog safe near or in the water

Summer is finally upon us. Which means more outdoor walks, car rides, and tag-along activities for your dog. Maybe even some swimming when the weather allows and opportunity arises. School up on these water safety tips for your dog to ensure your BFF is water and splash time ready.

Teach Your Dog to Swim

A common misconception is that ALL dogs instinctively know how to swim. This is absolutely not true, and it is important for all dog owners to assume their dog doesn’t know how to swim and offer training and practice in safe shallow water before allowing your dog into larger bodies of water like a lake or a pool. If you are not sure where to start or how to teach your dog to swim, enlisting a professional is always a great option. Check out this blog; How to Teach a Dog to Swim by AKC, for instructions and tips on how to teach your dog to swim.

Some dogs, even the breeds that typically enjoy water, can have anxieties or fear around water. But most often dogs love to be in the water, even those dogs that may not care too much for bath time.

Buy a Dog Life Vest

If you plan on adventuring with your dog in or around any large body of water such as a lake, river, deep pool, or ocean, a life vest is a must. Even if they are good swimmers, their legs could tire and need the extra buoyancy to stay safe. The excitement may get the better of their notion that they need to get to stable land for rest. Senior dogs especially, need a safety vest around water. We recommend a dog lifejacket that has a easy to grab handle on the back just in case you need to pull your pet out of the water manually.

Swimming is fun but requires quite a bit of stamina. Be sure your dog is healthy and capable of swimming before letting them jump in with all four paws.

Watch Your Dog at All Times

Never leave your dog unattended or unsupervised in or near the water. It can be difficult to spot a dog in distress, so it is important to have a constant watch on them. You want to be able to react quickly in case they run into any trouble.

Teach Your Dog How to Get Out of the Water

Especially if you have a pool, it is important to teach your dog where the steps are so they can find their way out in case they accidentally fall in.

Doggy Dry Off

A good rinse or even a full bath is ideal for your dog after a dip in the lake, pool, river or ocean. Bath water will wash off any skin irritants, algae, or chemicals that were in the water. Not to mention, rid your dog of that “stinky wet dog” smell.

With these water safety tips, you and your pooch will be ready to enjoy the water without worry and jump in, paws first!

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