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Pest A Cator Plus 2000 Ultrasonic Rodent Repellant


SKU: 25750

An electronic device that utilizes a combination of electromagnetic technology and ultrasonic technology and was specifically engineered for use in standard sized homes, apartments or condos. Working as an aid in the control of rodents, our family of products helps keep your family safe and homes clean.

Measures 2″ w x  6.8″ L x  8.5″ h


The device is designed to cause a slight phase shift (delay) in the timing of the electromagnetic field which surrounds the wiring in the home. This phase shift is the primary reason that this technology has been shown to have some kind of an effect on pests, and more particularly upon rodents. The device functions by broadcasting an electromagnetic signal in a pulsing fashion with an on-off cycle in order to avoid the numbing effect obtained with any constant sensory stimulus. Additionally, an ultrasonic signal is broadcast by sweeping various frequencies and with a similar on-off cycle. This ultrasonic technology has been generally regarded as having the effect of repelling pests (particularly rodents), especially in open areas and in relatively close proximities to the source of the sound transmissions. We recommend the Plus 1000 for smaller-size homes. Multiple units are needed for multiple stories. The direct plug-in feature is user friendly. Plug the unit into any 110V outlet within the home (the outlet should be unobstructed to allow the ultrasonic technology feature to work). Completely maintenance free! Not a chemical that washes away, no traps that require emptying dead or dying animals. Safe to use around children and household pets (except rodent type pets), the PEST A CATOR may actually help in reducing monthly exterminator costs.


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