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Oster A6® Super Heavy Duty Paw Print Clipper 3-Speed


SKU: 45332 Manufacturer: Oster

The Oster A6 is a super heavy duty 3 speed clipper. Low 3,100, Medium 3,600 and Hi 4,400 SPM. The A6 has revolutionary cutting performance and quick drive lever replacement. It’s lightweight zinc alloy keeps the clipper cool. The clipper faceplate is securely sealed to keep fur out. The A6 uses all A5 blades. It has a 12 foot power cord.

The Oster® A6® clipper combines most compact ergonomic design ever built with a high efficiency, precision tuned, heavy duty motor that runs at over 4,000 SPM. It also features a patent pending drive system to provide an ultra smooth and efficient cutting experience. Weighing in at just 12.9 ozs, it’s our lightest clipper yet. Patent pending VIBRATION ISOLATORS are centered around the motor to help absorb vibration and noise, resulting added comfort for all-day grooming.

The Cool Advantage: Soft-grip material helps to reduce hand fatigue and to stay cooler all day long
3 Speeds: Hi: Up to 4,400 SPM Medium: 3,600 SPM Lo: 3,100 SPM
New Material on housing! No more peeling!
Patent Pending, angled eccentric drive system & precision calibrated motor are designed for an ultra smooth, efficient cutting performance. Patent pending Vibration Isolators are centered around the motor to help absorb vibration and noise resulting in a natural feel for all day grooming. A specially designed clipper faceplate to help keep the hair out while still being able to access the drive lever for quick and easy maintenance. A high efficiency motor provides a cooler running experience.

Uses all A5® Detachable Blades

12’ Power cord with space saving extension that allows for more room in on the power strip


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How to Use

Taking Care of Your Clipper
Note: Any other maintenance not explained in this manual must be performed by an Oster Authorized Service Center.
Important: Make sure clipper is turned off and unplugged from electrical outlet before removing replacing or cleaning any part.
Remove Blade assembly from the clipper
Push locking button in and hold. Push blade assembly upwards to position. Blade assembly can now be removed from clipper by pulling forward and upwards.
Blade Care Cleaning Lubricating-Daily
Blades should be oiled regularly to reduce heat and maintain sharpness. Before removing the blade be sure it has cooled down.
With clipper in off position apply 1 or 2 drops of Oster Clipper and Blade Lube oil on the blade. Wipe excess oil with dry soft cloth. Cleaning: Clean the excess hair from your blades by using the cleaning brush.
To clean the blades plug clipper into electrical outlet and turn on.
In a shallow pan immerse blade teeth into Oster Blade Wash cleaning solution.
Caution: Do not immerse the clipper
Remove blade from cleaning solution and while holding clipper blade end down wipe the blades with a dry clean cloth.
If after cleaning you find that the blades still do not cut properly it is possible that a few fine pieces of hair are still trapped between the blades. If this occurs remove the blade. Without loosening the tension springs screws slide the upper blade to one side but not completely out from under the tension spring. Wipe the surface between the blades clean with dry cloth.
Place a drop of oil on the mating surfaces and in the tension spring guide slot. Slide upper blade to the other side and repeat process. Slide the upper blade back into position and reassemble the clipper. With the clipper running lubricate the blades with a light coat of Oster Kool-Lube lubricant or a drop or two of Oster Premium Lubricating Oil.
Sharpening Oster cutting blades are of individual hollow-ground design hardened to extend cutting life. As with any cutting tool the cutting edges will become dull after extensive use. If sharpening is necessary send blades to an Oster Authorized Service Center.

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