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Odormute-C Odor Eliminator Concentrate 1 lb

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SKU: 1705 Manufacturer: Ryter's

Odormute-C is the dog and cat smell eliminator! Removing pet odors like cat urine is easy with Odormute-C. Cleans and completely eliminates the smell of urine from your house or kennel.. Use on surfaces including the carpet, rugs, hardwood floors, walls, inside your car, even on your grass lawn. Odormute-C neutralizes odor problems chemically, killing smell by removing and controlling the source of the odor.

Stinky pet smell removal has never been easier!

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Odor Mute C is a blend of natural enzymes that eliminates organic odors by chemically changing the source of odors including urine, feces, and skunk.

  • Effective on all pet and animal odors
  • Concentrated — mix to the strength needed
  • Economical — a great product at a great price
  • Powdered — easy to store and handle
  • Maintains full strength for up to 5 years
  • Enzymes eliminate odors, not just mask them

OdorMute is non-poisonous, non-caustic, harmless to humans, plant life and pets. The solution may be applied directly on grass and shrubbery with no harmful effects. The solution is nearly clear and lightly scented.

Ryter’s Odormute C provides rapid and long lasting odor control. This highly concentrated formula is designed to eliminate odors by chemically changing the source of the odor. Odormute C has been proven safe and effective for nearly 50 years!

1 review for Odormute-C Odor Eliminator Concentrate 1 lb

  1. Renee S

    This product is great you use so little to get great results, it doesn’t matter if it’s dog food or cat Urinolgy it gets rid of the odors, it actually eats the odors away, it’s an enzyme, that gets rid of odors even skunk now that’s amazing I’ve been using this for over 30 years

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How to Use

100% water soluble, may be applied with any sprayer. Mix 1 tbsp. To 16oz of water. Set hose on 2 Tablespoons.

Industrial applications: Barber shop sinks, restroom floor drains, urinals, bathtub and shower drains, garbage disposal units, grease traps, marine and outdoor toilets

Agricultural applications: Lagoons, holding tanks and pits, animal housing

Mix Ryter’s Odormute C with water to activate its digestive enzymes. Apply by pouring Odormute C onto the source of the odor, or by using a common lawn and garden sprayer. Incorporate Odormute C into a regular maintenance cycle to eliminate and control odors that reoccur through life’s natural processes. Odormute C will outperform germicidal cleaners as it is designed to digest organic host material where germs and odor causing bacteria live. Germicides will kill germs but do not eliminate host material, allowing new bacteria to grow. Odormute C will get to the source of the odor and destroy it!

The science behind the formula:

Odormute C is a blend of enzymes and salts. Mixed with water, the enzyme systems are activated and begin feeding on the available nutrients — nutrients which cause odors. When added to organic material, the digestive enzymes attack the lipids (fats) releasing fatty acids which are broken down into smaller compounds. Digestive enzymes present in Odormute C also break down protein, starch and carbohydrates – organic materials which cause odors.

These same enzymes occur naturally in the environment keeping plant, animal, and human waste from overrunning us. Enzymes are derived from all living organisms and are harmless to humans, animals and marine life. Enzymes are non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-hazardous.

Enzymes are manufactured proteins that exist in all living organisms such as plants, animals, and bacteria. Their purpose is simply to digest waste- Enzymes act as catalysts that bind with another chemical that is then broken down. Odors come from organic “waste”, layers of fine films made up of grease, oils, fats, bacteria, germs, dust mites, non-organic material and organic micro-organisms. Enzymes attack or digest the amino and fatty acids that bond these films together and to the surface being cleaned. Enzymes are simply chemical catalysts that accelerate the natural biodegradation of organic material.

Why is Odormute C in a powder form?

Enzymes are dormant in their dry state. This allows the formula to withstand the blending and packaging process and temperature variations during shipping and storage. Digestive activity resumes when the formula is re-hydrated with water, activating the enzymes to begin feeding on the nutrients. The powder form is easy to handle, store, and is most economical to ship.


The potential health hazard while using enzyme products is very low. However, care needs to be taken to avoid breathing the aerosol of enzyme spray. Under appropriate conditions, enzymes can irritate skin through lacerations or irritate the respiratory tract of immuno-compromised individuals. Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. Do not take internally. As with any cleaning product, wash hands thoroughly after usage.

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