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Adventure Plus for Cats 5-9 lbs 4 Ct


SKU: 005197 Manufacturer: Promika
Adventure™ Plus, the national brand equivalent for Advantage® II, is a convenient once-a-month topical treatment. Triple flea protection: kills adults, larvae and eggs. Kills all life stages of fleas within 12 hours of application, so unlike oral treatments, fleas don’t have to bite to be controlled. Prevents fleas on treated cat from re-infesting homes.
Contains 9.1% imidacloprid and 0.46% pyriproxyfen, the active ingredients used in Advantage® II for Cats. Recommended by veterinarians, imidacloprid attacks a flea’s nervous system to paralyze and kill it on contact before it bites. Pyriproxyfen insect growth regulator (IGR) attacks and kills immature flea stages to keep them from becoming biting adults.
4 Count = 4 Month Supply

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Total Price: $40.89

Ingredients / Material How to Use
    • Active Ingredients
    • Imidacloprid …………………… 9.10%
    • Pyriproxyfen …………………… 0.46%
    • Other Ingredients …………… 90.44%

For use on cats 8 weeks and older and weighing 5+ lbs. Part hair on neck at base of skull. Place tip of tube on skin and squeeze to expel entire contents directly on skin. Waterproof. Effective for 1 month under normal conditions. In case of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than 4 weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every 7 days. After flea control is attained, return to monthly retreatment schedule. Consult veterinarian before using on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing cats, or cats on medication. Do not use on other animals.

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