UPCO® launches Eco-Friendly “Pooch Paper”

October 26, 2020 | Pet Guides | Cari Evans
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UPCO® launches Eco-Friendly “Pooch Paper”

Press Release

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UPCO® launches Eco-Friendly “Pooch Paper

UPCO® of St. Joseph, MO, is pleased to announce the launch of the eco-friendly Pooch Paper. A new, USA produced product in the pet industry focused on decreasing the amount of plastic used on animal waste. Pooch Paper is an environmentally safe paper alternative to plastic waste bags.

Environmental Facts

Per Bio Plastic News1, approximately 500 million plastic poop bags are used annually throughout the world. That’s lot of plastic! Our globe deserves better, and this eco-friendly option is a great step forward in helping keep our earth thriving.

Banning single-use plastic bags is a hot topic. Plastic bags are already banned in 68 countries, worldwide. Help us by joining the fight on single-use plastics, by trying a plastic free alternative to curb detrimental effects on the environment.

It is no wonder plastic bags have been the primary method of dog poop removal for lots of dog owners, as it is cheap and convenient. At some point, we must take responsibility to find products that help and not harm our planet. We’ve only got one place to live. Let’s take care of our earth, one small step at a time.

Our Thoughts

“We always appreciate the opportunity to promote and sell eco-friendly products. Animal waste is bio-degradable it only makes sense that the discard option should be as well. I hope pet owners adapt to the idea of change and give this product a fair shot as it could make a huge difference in the way of being environmentally conscious.” says Kyle Evans, UPCO® President.

Choose the eco-friendly option for your furry friend. They would want you to!

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About Pooch Paper

A team of passionate humans who believe our pups and our planet are made to be loved. MADE IN THE USA, Pooch Paper is a recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper alternative to single use plastic dog waste bags. Pooch Paper sheets are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are manufactured using renewable energy.  Your doggie’s doodie remains inside the paper and not on your hand! Our mission is to mitigate the destructive effects plastics have on our environment. Research suggests over 500 million single-use plastic dog waste bags are thrown into landfills each year in the US alone. These bags add to the global warming issues related to methane gas emissions and micro-plastic pollution.


Founded in 1952, UPCO® was one of the first retail animal supply companies in St. Joseph, MO.  A third generation, family owned and operated company boasting a knowledgeable staff and offering products from over 700 brands. UPCO® provides pet and farm supplies to the local community and throughout the U.S. via their website and mail order services. Focus on friendly customer service and wholesale prices, voted as the number one animal supplier of choice, through Reader’s Choice for the past 12 years.